Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça Caipirinha 750 ML

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The beloved Caipirinha: it takes a bit of cachaça, a lime, some sugar, a muddler, and a shaker. But sometimes, the hardware is out of reach, causing much distress to Caipirinha fans everywhere. For those times, we made this handy kit that includes just about everything needed to feel human again. 750 ml of Silver Cachaça. A muddler. Two 10-oz jars for shaking and drinking. Ripe limes not included.

CAIPIRINHA (ky-pee-ree-nya)

2 oz Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça
half a lime, sliced
1 heaping tbsp ultrafine sugar

Muddle lime and sugar together in the jar; fill the jar with ice; add the cachaça; put the lid on it and give it to a friend to shake until it’s completely opaque. Now it’s ready to drink!

You can add berries, kiwi, or whatever fruit you like, for extra summer in your glass.

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Tasting Notes

Nose: pecan and orchids
Palate: cherry custard
Finish: clove and anise