Warre’s Port Porto Late Bottled Vintage Port Bottle Aged 750 ML

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The history of the Warre family in Portugal dates back to William Warre, who was born in India in 1706, where his parents and grandparents were long established members of the East India Company. In 1729, he arrived in Portugal and became a partner in the export company, Messrs. Clark, Thornton & Warre, which exported Portuguese wine among other goods. By the close of the 18th century, Warre?s had become one of the leading companies in the Port wine trade. His grandson, another William Warre, continued and grew the business while also maintaining an outstanding military career, contributing substantially towards the recovery of Portugal?s independence.

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This prolonged bottle ageing is crucial to the development of the superb ?nose? and flavour which lend this Port a style and complexity very much akin to that of Vintage Port. Warre?s LBV is generally acknowledged to be the finest of its type.