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Cachaça Tropicália is produced in a totally natural way; no pesticides; no agrotoxic; only the best raw materials are harvested; waterfall water is used do make it taste more special.

Cachaça is the most famous and popular alcoholic beverage in Brazil. It has more than 500 hundred years of tradition. Brazil is the only country in the world that can produce the real Cachaça. The world famous drink Caipirinha, is made with cachaça. Also, a Cachaça made with the best quality, can be appreciated pure, or mixed with any other type of drink.

We have the pleasure to introduce the Cachaça Tropicália. Cachaça Tropicália is an amazing distillate from Brazil, made entirely natural and handmade.

That’s why this, Tropicália becomes the official spirits to make the amazing Caipirinha, and many others drinks!

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Distilled with the best sugar cane produced in Brazil, Tropicalia becomes the official distillate to prepare one of the tastiest and most famous drinks in the world, the incredible Caipirinha. Tropicália also blends perfectly with any other fruits and mixtures.