Tomasello Outer Coastal Plain Sangiovese 750 ML

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In February 1933, when Frank heard the federal government was repealing Prohibition and was ready to once again issue winery licenses he did not waste any time. He jumped into his truck and drove through a snow storm to Washington, DC to be one of the first in line for a license ? he made it! Tomasello Winery was bonded that year, license number 68 for the entire country. In June of that year, New Jersey passed the 21st amendment repealing prohibition and Tomasello Winery was officially in business.

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New Jersey - For over a decade, Tomasello Winery has been producing 100% pure blueberry wine from cultivated high bush blueberries grown on the Atlantic Blueberry Company farms. The wine is semi-dry with soft and perfumed hints of blueberry.