Tenuta Sant’Antonio Amarone della Valpolicella Selezione Antonio Castagnedi 2015 750 ML

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With hundreds of red grape varieties to choose from, winemakers have the freedom to create a virtually endless assortment of blended wines. In many European regions, strict laws are in place determining the set of varieties that may be used, but in the New World, experimentation is permitted and encouraged. Blending can be utilized to enhance balance or create complexity, lending different layers of flavors and aromas. For example, a variety that creates a fruity and full-bodied wine would do well combined with one that is naturally high in acidity and tannins. Sometimes small amounts of a particular variety are added to boost color or aromatics. Blending can take place before or after fermentation, with the latter, more popular option giving more control to the winemaker over the final qualities of the wine.

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93 Points Luca Maroni:?Deep ruby red with faint garnet and dusky edges. Elegant, strong and austere on the nose with a bouquet of violets, plums, incense, vanilla, candied fruit and cocoa. Full-bodied on the palate, soft and dry. The aftertaste has flavors of plums, bitter cherries, sweet cherries, candied fruit and hazelnut chocolate. Long and lingering on the finish. Confidently predicted to age magnificently.