Ron Izalco 10 Anos Cask Strength Private Reserve Rum 750 ML

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Featuring a dark amber color with rich copper hues, Ron Izalco first opens your nose with a fruity aroma reminiscent of apricots, prunes, honey, caramel, freshly squeezed cane juice and jaggery.nbsp; On the palate, it opens up smooth and mellow, slowly unfolding a complex body of rum congeners with undertones of American oak, toasted nuts and sweet pipe tobacco.nbsp; The finish is long and satisfying, enhanced by patiently oxidized tannins that combine perfectly with the rich flavors of the rum resulting in a rewarding sipping experience that begs to be repeated over and over again.nbsp;

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A rum that's distinctive in every way. Ron Izalco 10-year Aged Rum is made to be sipped, a premium rum that you can enjoy the same way you enjoy a fine whiskey or scotch, though it also makes a dreamy cocktail.