Quiet Storm Pleasure Vodka 750 ML

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Find Pleasure Is Fruit Of The Spirits. Take Advantage Of The Pleasures Of Life. The Things That Make You Smile: Do Them. The Places That Relax You: Go There. The Most Remarkable Pleasures In Life Are Quite Simple And Often Time Right In Front Of You. Don’T Travel To Extreme Distances To Find What Satisfies You. All It Takes Is An Exotic Blend Of Rich Coconut, Ripe Banana, And Sweet Pineapple To Send Your Senses On A Trip Across The World. The Flavorful Merge Of These South American And Southeast Asian Tastes Will Be All You Need To Unwind. Fruits Of The Spirits Will Send You Packing Anywhere You Want To Go.

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Nose: Pleasing aroma of rich coconut, ripe banana, and sweet pineapple.
Palate: Sweet flavours of banana and pineapple.
Finish: Soothing finish with a pleasing alcohol burn.