Pertinace Dolcetto D’Alba

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Founded in 1972 by Mario Barbero, Pertinace is named after the Roman Emperor Publio Elvio Pertinace who was born in the hillside sides of Barbaresco. The Winery, a cooperative, was formed by twelve farmers who over the years had become good friends. Among them they owned some of the choicest vineyard land in the region and supplied grapes to some of Italy’s top winemakers. Over time, they developed a shared passion for producing the best wines from their own vineyards, which led to the decision

to create a winery of their own. Thus, Pertinace was born. It was with this passion and dedication that the cooperative members jointly invested in the development of their vinification plant, bottling line and aging facilities.

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Dry, well-balanced, pleasantly bitter, well-structured and elegant.