Outlot Chardonnay Sonoma County 2015 750 ML

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Outlot, by definition, is a piece of land situated outside a town or city limits. Outlot, to us, is the special area just outside Healdsburg, fondly known to locals as the ‘Magnolia Peninsula.’ This area, the Magnolia Peninsula, has a long and rich history filled with stories of great ranches and exclusive resorts. It was famous for and still is, for rich farmlands which boast as much as twenty-four feet of topsoil in many areas. Nurseries and orchards thrived in the area from the late 1800s,

ultimately giving way to the vineyards that are abundant in the area today.

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Light golden yellow in color, the Outlot Chardonnay has a nose reminiscent of warm apple pie with hints of cardamom, toffee and acacia blossoms. The luscious, creamy entry on the palate leads to waves of honeycomb, honey crisp apple, peach, and a touch of apricot, finishing with rich butterscotch flavors and a kiss of vanilla. A truly handsome wine.