Opera Prima Pink Moscato 750 ML

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The company Garcia Carrion was born in 1890, date in which the great grandfather of the current owner of the company, Jose Garcia-Carrion, built a winery of important dimensions for that time to export wine in France. However, the agricultural tradition of the Carrion family goes back several centuries ago. In these 120 years of history Garcia Carrion has been converted in the absolute leader of the wine and juice market in Spain, in the 1st winery in Europe and the 5th in the world and the 2nd brand of juice in Europe. Its commercial activity is extended to more than 130 countries in the 5th continent. The company origin is in the world wine. And it is from there where Garcia Carrion is a reference in the global scale. In these moments it is elaborated wine of known quality in 10 Guarantee of Origen in Spain with wineries and its own vineyards. The company strategy to consolidate the big brands of D.O wines as Mayor de Castilla, Vina Arnaiz, Marques de Carrion, Antano, Senorio de los Llanos, Pata Negra and Jaume Serra through a adequate combination of exceptional quality with unbeatable prices. To get this objective, Garcia Carrion has carried out a big inversion effort that had had as a consequence the deployment of the highest technology in all the wineries. The application of the technology to the traditional methods and bottled wine has permitted to the company to reduce its operating and logistic cost and at the same time with a continuous quality improvement. In Garcia Carrion we think that the great majority of the consumers want to consume quality wines, but the sector must to adjust the prices to the market conditions. Crianza and Reserva products will continue having its market but with an adequate relation quality-price. That is where Garcia Carrion wines are going to concentrate its efforts in the next years. The diversification has been one of the pillars in which is based the increase of the company. And the result of this diversification was born the brand Don Simon, one of the most well-known of Spain. Don Simon Don Simon brand was founded in 1980 as the result of a radical innovation and a challenge to the tradition: the launch of the first wine packed in a brick. It is a quality wine in a non returnable packaging, useful, economic and with lightweight with a very economical production costs. A total innovation that revolutionized the market, in spite of the initial rejections of the traditional sector, but it has converted to Don Simon in Spanish best seller wine in the world, with 150 million sold in more than 100 countries. Again the combination between innovation and the quality of the product explain the unquestionable success that is maintained intact after 30 years. Following this success, Garcia Carrion accelerates its innovative dynamic. And it is appeared the juices, the nectars, non-carbonated drinks, functional drinks, all of these products under the brand Don Simon, a referent of quality, care elaboration and an adequate composition to the nutritional profile that it is demanded by the actual society. In that moment Garcia Carrion is the absolute leader in the Spanish juice market and the 2nd in Europe. Inside this market the big bet is the squeezed juice. Our obsession is to get that the Spanish consumer consumes increasingly squeezed juice, a juice with a lot more quality that the traditional concentrated; the one Spain is the main producer in Europe. Thus, as happens in other countries like England or France, the market of the squeezed juice must be moving to the concentrated one. To get this objective, Garcia Carrion has built in Huelva the most modern plant of squeezed and packaging in Europe from which juice is exported juice that comes from Spanish oranges in more than 50 countries and it constitutes the ultimate bet of the company in the juice world. From reading the above lines can be drawn from the cornerstones of the business policy of Garcia Carrion: Global knowledge of the market. Selection of raw materials, working closely with farmers and the cooperative organizations. Agility, flexibility, creativity and innovation in the company. Ethic responsibility to clients, consumers and with the environment. And the most important one, the connection and the enthusiasm of everybody that works in Garcia Carrion. If something has got Garcia Carrion, it has not been by luck but by hard work over many years, and specially, because a big faith and illusion in our project, to the point of having fought against the majority of the opinions. In conclusion, because of being brave to do things that other considered madness.

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Pale sunshine yellow color and slight frizzante, this Moscato d?Asti has intense aromas of peaches, rose petals and ginger. On the palate, it is delicately sweet and sparkling with balanced acidity, good complexity and a finish of fresh apricots.