Masseria del Fauno Primitivo 750 ML

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The vines at Masseria Surani are planted using the Guyot training system, with a plant density of 5,500 vines/hectare. The vineyards are designed to fit perfectly into their surroundings: the vines are supported by wooden stakes at the head of each row, and by galvanized iron posts along their length. An irrigation system exists, but it is only used in periods of extreme drought. The soil in the area is limestone-based: it is very fertile and permeable, as well as being cool and a reddish ocher in color due to its iron content.

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Our vines thrive among the cherry trees, taking nourishment from the land to produce a wine that is rich and deep with flavor. The primitivo is inky red in color and bursting with cherry aromas. The palate combines plum fruits with licorice and spice.