Mariano J. Lacort Rioja Reserva 750 ML

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For over two thousand years, Spain has been responsible for much of Europe’s wine production, making the very best of native grape varietals, and more recently experimenting with and perfecting wines made from imported grapes. Of course, the region of La Rioja is renowned world-wide for the quality and characteristics of its wines, which benefit greatly from the warm, dry continental climate of the area, and the fertile soils of the Ebro river basin. However, there is far more to Spanish produce than the complex, aromatic and earthy red wine of this region, as a result of the vast range of wine making traditions and practices, and terrains and climatic conditions found across the country. The region Castilla y Leon produces some of Europe’s finest white wines, and the sparkling wines of Cava and the sherries of Jerez are firm favorites for wine lovers around the world.

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Forest fruit in the bouquet. Slightly peppery in the palate as week as plum and cherries. Some hints of leather in the aftertaste. Not strongly lingering. Probably intended for mass appeal.