Jim Rutledge High Plains Rye Blend Of Straight Rye Whiskey 750 ML

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A blend of five straight rye whiskeys of varying mash bills from four different distilleries- Kentucky Artisan Distillery in Kentucky, Middle West Distillery in Ohio, MGP Distillery in Indiana, and New York Distilling Company in New York.

Each straight whiskey used in High Plains Rye has its own unique recipe—varying from 51% rye grain to 100% rye—and yeast strain. This generates a very distinct flavor profile and weighs in a 48.5 ABV (97 proof).

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Tasting Notes

Appearance: Clear, with a clover honey tinge. The spirit appears to have a medium depth and slow pronounced rivulets forming on the side of the tasting glass.

Nose: At a medium approach, the whiskey presents light cinnamon spice and a honeysuckle sweetness. A second nosing reveals the impression of marzipan and praline.

Palate: The first sip offers a mild astringency indicative of a rye, but it also coats and engages the whole palate. The second sip is very reminiscent of almond, praline, and cashew, with a noticeable zip of cinnamon. Then we have a long , slightly sweet finish.