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The story from Mr. Ed Hamilton, “In the twenty years I lived on a yacht sailing the West Indies I really enjoyed drinking some great white rums. Back in the US, I missed that clean, fresh flavor of aged molasses-based rum that had been carbon-filtered to remove the color gained during a few years spent aging in oak barrels in the tropics. In addition to the fresh flavor of the rum there was also a slight coconut note generally attributed to the American oak barrels in which these rums were aged. Like so many things those rums that I enjoyed in the ’90s are no longer made. In 2001, Trinidad stopped growing sugar cane commercially but continued to make rum from imported molasses, the end of an era that stretched more than two centuries. To capture those flavors and aroma that are as rare today as the elusive green flash that signaled the end of another day in paradise anchored in the lee of a West Indies island I had to blend several rums from different islands.

The bulk of this rum is aged rum from Trinidad to which I blended sugar cane and molasses distillates from Guyana and Santo Domingo, as the windward half of Hispaniola is known in the islands. This high proof blend is carefully diluted with filtered, well water…once diluted to 87 proof, bartenders told me they really didn’t want another 80 proof clear rum…if you’re still reading this, I want you to know there is nothing in this bottle but rum and filtered, well water. No flavors, sugar, glycerine or anything else.

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Clear color. Herbal aromas of juniper berries, nopales, mango, and hops with a satiny, bright, dry light body and a tingling, delightful, medium-long violet, honey, and wintergreen finish. A distinctively herbaceous Rum with a wild-and-free style