Hamilton Ministry of Rum Florida Rum Society Private Selection Rum 750 ML

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The FRS is thrilled to partner with Ed Hamilton of the Ministry of Rum to offer this exclusive blend of 65% Guyanese and 35% Jamaican rum. A perfect rum to use in the drink of your choice or experience on its own.

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Ed Hamilton is a modern pioneer of rum, a man who single handedly discovered and brought countless Caribbean rums to the US market.

The molasses used at Demerara Distillers Ltd comes from Guyana and contained 65% dissolved sugar, one of the highest sugar contents of any molasses found in the Caribbean. The high sugar content is attributed to the age of the Guyanese sugar mill.

Demerara Distillers Ltd. utilizes a variety of column and pot stills the company acquired through acquisitions over the past 300 years. Among the unique stills are a wooden pot and a wooden column still that distill the heavier rums while copper and stainless column stills are used to make lighter rums.