Franco Amoroso Prosecco Brut 750 ML

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One of the world?s most popular and playful sparkling wines, Prosecco is a specialty of northeastern Italy, spanning nine provinces of the Veneto and Fruili-Venezia Giulia regions. A higher-quality version that must meet more stringent production requirements is known as Prosecco Superiore and must come from the more rugged terrain between the towns of?Valdobiaddene?and Conegliano. Prosecco can be produced as a still wine, a semi-sparkling wine (?frizzante?), or a fully sparkling wine (?spumante?)?the latter being the most common. While it is typically produced in a ?brut? (dry) style, its fresh and fruity character makes it seem a bit sweeter than it actually is. ?Extra brut? styles, incorporating higher levels of residual sugar, are quite popular, however.

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Prosecco Spago Nero is an effusively fruity, light bodied offering bringing terrific floral notes, persistent effervescence and a clean delicate finish. There is perfect body and weight in this crystal clean, pure sparkling wine. It is an ideal aperitif to enjoy any day of the year. It is simply amazing.