Firestone Riesling 750 ML

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European winemakers have long recognized that the quality and character of a wine depends largely on the grapes from which it is made. Grape quality is primarily a function of the environment of the grapevine ? the bedrock, soil, and atmosphere that surround it. This environment can be manipulated to some extent, but every vineyard site is unique.? That?s why the French place so much emphasis on?terroir?? the expression of the vineyard environment in the wine. When marketing wines, they emphasize terroir, not the winemaker or techniques of vinification. The French know that when you have a great site, your wine is made in the vineyard.

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Riesling is quite versatile, enjoying the company of sweet-fleshed fish like sole, most Asian food, especially Thai and Vietnamese (bottlings with some residual sugar and low alcohol are the perfect companions for dishes with substantial spice) and freshly shucked oysters. Sweeter styles work well with fruit-based desserts.