Dibon Cava Brut Reserve 750 ML

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A term typically reserved for?Champagne and Sparkling Wines, non-vintage or simply ?NV? on a label indicates a blend of finished wines from different vintages (years of harvest). To make non-vintage?Champagne, typically the current year?s harvest (in other words, the current vintage) forms the base of the blend. Finished wines from previous years, called ?vins de reserve? are blended in at approximately 10-50% of the total volume in order to achieve the flavor, complexity, body and acidity for the desired house style. A tiny proportion of Champagnes are made from a single?vintage.

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Vibrant aromas of ripe peaches, pears and toasted bread with a hint of spice fill the nose. The palate is dry with a rich, creamy texture. Layers of flavor include orange rind and spice that persists through an elegant finish.