Coral Cay Tommy Bahama Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 ML

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It is 2012 and the birth of craft distilling is in its infancy. Our sister company laid this bourbon in barrels
and tucked them away for an unknown special occasion; There they sat idling away hot summers and cold winters, growing in both age and uniqueness. Our barrel house sits lakeside on Lake Chelan, and experiences all four seasons of temperature extremes, therefore drawing a deeper flavor from the wood toasting and char.

Coral Cay Distilling embraces the island life by carefully and meticulously handcrafting a superb line up of spirits. The culture and attention to detail at the Tommy Bahama brand ensure that those admirers are consistently treated to quality products that are inspired, authentic, and add depth to their own island lifestyles. Our bespoke whisky’s are the result of award winning mash bill, creative wood selection and toasting and charring techniques. Couple this with a unique climate with which to age spirits and one gets a spirit that is distinctively Tommy Bahama; sit back relax and enjoy a sip of the island life.

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