Compass Box Tobias and the Angel Blended Scotch Whisky 750 ML


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We’ve chosen TOBIAS & THE ANGEL is inspired by a beautiful painting from the Andrea del Verrocchio’s studio in Florence during the 15th century. The naïve boy and the divine angel symbolize the relationship between aromatic smoke, a hallmark of Caol Ila Distillery, and the ethereal fruitiness and complexity of Clynelish. TOBIAS & THE ANGEL is a unique exploration of two distinct flavor profiles,.Due to the age of the single malts involved, it is also Compass Box’s rarest expression.

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Tasting Notes

Sharp on the first whiff, soft and sweet on the second, both laced with delicate smoke. Structured and balanced.

Super light flavor verging on bitter. Is it too old? Ashy and oaky, but after a while, as it coats the tongue like varnish, more sweet (apple? no, pear) flavor emerges. This invokes what Ardbeg 10 might taste like if turned into a Yankee Candle and consumed.

Very solid, long, ash smooth finish that both absorbs and stimulates salivation.