Catuaba Selvagem and Acai Combo 1L


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Catuaba Selvagem 1L
Catuaba Selvagem is an alcoholic drink (14% alc vol) best known in Brazil for its aphrodisiac effects. It is the Brazilian love potion and one of the oldest and most consumed liquors in the country. It is made of red wine, fermented apple juice, catuaba, guarana and marapuama. Enjoy it as it is, with ice or by creating a special cocktail.

Catuaba Selvagem Acai 1L
The Catuaba Selvagem with Acai is a mix of Amazonian herbs powered with Acai. The Tupi-Guarani natives discovered the virtues of these spices over 500 years ago and passed down through generations. From the bark and roots of the Catuaba tree, and the seeds of the Guarana and Acai plants, we obtain extracts with unique properties that are part of the Selvagem recipe, giving it a taste of incomparable pleasure.

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