Castarède Réserve de la Famille Bas-Armagnac Brandy 750 ML

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The Château de Maniban is located 1 km south of the town of Mauléon d’Armagnac , in Gers .

This estate is dated from the 17th centuries and belonged to the Maniban Family. The family was the first to introduce Armagnac at the Toulouse’s court in the 17th century.

The Castarede’s bought this attractive castle 30 years ago.

It is situated in the Bas Armagnac region, considered as the most highly rated terroir of the whole Armagnac region and producing the best eaux de vie.

Our family personally handles the entire wine-making-process, distillation, ageing in wooden oak casks and bottling, which is carried out at the Castle.

The arms of the Maniban family
• Two bumblebees of golden pilgrim( sticks used by pilgrims for the pilgrimage of Holy Jacques de Compostelle)
• A new moon silver
• Three silver blades

The Castarède family
Nowadays Maniban’s Estate belongs to the Castarède family, established in the Bas- Armagnac for centuries.

The family discovered in it historical frescos which have been now restored.

These frescoes may represent a happy moment in the life of the owners. An engagement or more likely, a wedding. The painted decoration has to be assigned to a decorative painter, maybe italian, from the sixteenth century.

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