bull run 14yr Pinot noir cask American Whiskey 750 ML

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It’s hard to beat this particular single barrel. This is American whiskey at its finest and worthier still of a far better accolade: the recommendation to buy a second. This is without a doubt the best release from Bull Run so far, a magnificent single barrel that perfectly marries American whiskey and Oregon Pinot at high proof.

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INTRO: Distilled by MGP and bottled by Bull Run in Oregon, this single barrel of American Whiskey was finished for 9 months in Oregon Pinot Noir wine barrels before bottling at a hefty 63% ABV. This was selected by Seelbach's, an independent online retailer.

NOSE: Sweet and buttery at first, the Pinot Noir influence is unmistakable. Bright and jammy, the provenance of Oregon Pinot speaks for itself and this dram only shows its best side. Sweet, fruity, tons of character and a big nougat note.

TASTE: Buttery on the palate, rich and loaded with flavor. Toffee, cream, honey, nougat and big butterscotch. Big red berries swoop in: strawberry, jammy raspberry, a touch of cherry. Moderate tannin, ethanol is much more laid back.

FINISH: Long finish with both the flavor and ethanol in check. Beautiful composition of sweet malt, rich wine character and a backing bit of tannin to tie it together.