Blackened A Blend Of Straight Whiskeys Finished In Black Brandy Casks 750 ML

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It’s more than a whiskey. BLACKENED™ is a testament to the creative process, to the hard work and determination required to make something from nothing. It’s a monument to the ones who charge into the fray and come out the otherside stronger, together. Fueled by decades of creative passion, BLACKENED™ is a distillation of the incomparable bond between the band and their community of fans.

BLACKENED™ is a collaborative effort between Metallica and Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. As unapologetic masters of craft in their respective fields, they’ve built world-renowned legacies by carving out new spaces and bringing their singular, incendiary perspectives to everything they touch.

Unlikely collaborators on the surface, their shared creative fire and dedication to craft make them anything but. Together, they’ve created BLACKENED™ — an unconventional whiskey of uncompromising quality.

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A marriage of the finest bourbons, ryes & whiskeys, hand selected by Dave Pickerell himself. Each of the whiskeys offer unique flavor that play a key role in the final spirit. Predominately bourbon, the sweetness pairs perfectly with the savory rye spice.