Animist Russian River Valley Chardonnay 750 ML

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One of the most finicky yet rewarding grapes to grow, Pinot Noir is a labor of love for many. However, the greatest red wines of?Burgundy?prove that it is unquestionably worth the effort. In fact, it is the only red variety permitted in Burgundy. Highly reflective of its terroir, Pinot Noir prefers calcareous soils and a cool climate, requires low yields to achieve high quality and demands a lot of attention in the vineyard and winery. It retains even more glory as an important component of?Champagne?as well as on its own in?France?s?Loire Valley?and?Alsace?regions. This sensational grape enjoys immense international success, most notably growing in?Oregon,?California?and?New Zealand?with smaller amounts in?Chile,?Germany?(as Sp?tburgunder) and?Italy?(as Pinot Nero).

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Animist Pinot Noir emanates a vibrant garnet color while cranberry and cherry aromas spring from the glass, nuanced by a low undertone of Tahitian vanilla. A vibrantly intense mid-palate is followed by a finish composed of fine tannins.