Amass Hard Seltzer COmbo 12oz (12 Can)

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Amass Surfer Rosso Hard Seltzer 12oz

Inspired by the Pixies, Surfer Rosso transports to the technicolor dreamscape of the summer of ‘88.
Neon wetsuits flashed in the surf as the radio asked, “Where is my mind?” In the small stretch between 54th and 56th streets of Echo Beach lingered a day-glo daze. Palms swayed under the turmeric sun. Agua fresca and fresh fruit squeezed with lime were carted up and down sand-streaked streets as cool ocean breezes cut through the air, heavy with salt and ripe hibiscus. The crisp snap of a can; refreshing as a deep ocean plunge.

Amass Faerie Fizz Hard Seltzer 12oz

Brewed with petals and stems, Faerie Fizz is an effervescent garden escape.
At dusk, garden roses and berry bushes spring alive. Jasmine flowers bloom under a waning moon,stretching their limbs and kissing the warm night with their heady fragrance. Cicadas sing. Faeries swing around tangled trellises, dodging thorns and sliding down dew-dotted basil leaves. They flutter in the flora,prioritizing pleasure. The sweet nectar of blossoms and berries is poured high into rose petal cups, sitting dainty on lily pad saucers. Clink a glass, take a sip. Faeries drink to remember, not to forget.

Amass Sun Sign Hard Seltzer 12oz

A desert celebration, Sun Sign captures the lightness and brightness of the longest day of the year.
At the summer solstice, golden hour hangs late in the day. Neptune, the planet of dreams, stations retrograde in Pisces. Ripe orange dunes cascade into Black Rock, sweet vanilla smoke from the bonfires ribboning in the air. This is not a time for idleness, but a pursuit of solar hedonism. On the cusp of the Twins and the Crab, air meets water and bubbles form, dotting the desert with shimmering sunbeams.Before the lunar night falls, drink in the dappled mandarin light.

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Tasting Notes

Juicy mandarin and sweet orange brighten the cool smoke of rich oak, herbal bay, and milky vanilla.