Amarte Mas Rias Baixas Albarino 2015 750 ML

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Bright and aromatic with distinctive floral and fruity characteristics, Albari?o has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last couple of decades. This grape claims dual citizenship of both?Spain?(in the?R?as Baixas?region) and?Portugal, where it is widely planted in the northwest and is known as Alvarinho. In recent years, plantings have increased throughout California.

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Bursting with rich, ripe flavor, Albari?o can show flavors of orange blossom, lime, pear, melon and white peach. It may also have notes of raw almond, freshly cut grass, jasmine or geranium. The best examples boast zingy acidity and often a briny, mineral quality. It is typically fermented in stainless steel to preserve purity of fruit, though oak-aged examples can provide a weighty yet refreshing alternative to Chardonnay with surprising potential for aging. Due to Albari?o?s thick skins and large number of pips, it often shows a hint of attractive bitterness on the palate.